BucketGolf - Bucket Golf
BucketGolf - Bucket Golf
BucketGolf - Bucket Golf
BucketGolf - Bucket Golf
BucketGolf - Bucket Golf
BucketGolf - Bucket Golf


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BucketGolf is the ultimate backyard golf game that combines the excitement of golf with the ease of backyard games. It's highly portable with an easy set up and great for all levels. 

Includes: 6 pop up buckets(holes), 6 flagsticks, 6 balls, 6 tee boxes, Carry Bag and 3 scorecards.

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  • You can play with any golf clubs you have high irons are best or add our custom clubs

  • The buckets are pinned to the ground using the flag sticks so the game can be played in the wind.

  • Design your holes to be between 10-30 yards apart which is how far our custom balls are made to fly.

1. Custom design your par 3 course ⛳.

2. Tee off using any golf clubs you have or add our custom clubs.

3. Hitting the outside of the bucket 🪣 counts as scoring to end the hole but if your able to chip your ball inside the bucket you get to -1 stroke off your score on that hole.

4. If a player hits their ball into any hazards ⚠️ (bushes or water etc) they must take a drop and a 1 stroke penalty.

5. Lowest score at the end wins! 🏆


We're here to take your parties, vacations, camps, clases and sunday fundays to whole new level. It's tee time, let the "friendly" games begin.


The only golf game with real scoring, full swings and custom course design to never get old.

Fully portable to bring anywhere you go and play anytime the impulse strikes.


Easy to learn but hard to master making it perfect for everyone from scratch golfers to beginners

Set up and play anywhere with any amount of people 20+ at once no waiting like other games!


1. Custom design your par 3 course ⛳.

2. Hitting the outside of the bucket 🪣 counts as scoring but if your able to chip your ball in the bucket you get to -1 stroke off your score.

3. Hitting your ball into any hazards ⚠️ must result in a drop and a 1 stroke penalty.

4. Lowest score at the end wins! 🏆

Customer Reviews

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Glow Version

Great product and super fun. Only negative is the glowing balls were a disappointment. I thought there would be a simple switch to turn glow on/off. You have to insert remove the led light with a screw. Poor design. I will never use with that being the process. I feel that should be more clearly called out in flow version product description. I paid extra for a feature I will not use

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your order and we really appreciate hearing the feedback! So sorry the GLOW Balls were more time consuming than hoped for and expected. We're continuing to work on and improve the designs - it's super helpful hearing from customers experiences. We'll reach out via email as well to help out here, thanks again!

Matt W
Looks awesome

Looks so awesome fixing to order mine can’t wait to get it! Does the golf clubs come with it or can you use regular golf irons?

Hi Matt! Thanks for reaching out and for the order. The clubs are sold separately from the BucketGolf set and are not included. You can definitely play with regular clubs if available. We love playing with the custom BucketGolf Clubs as they fit the size of the ball better, but either work!


Amazing game. We love it


Got this about a month ago great party game my only complaint is I got 6 hole for $125.00 now they have 9 holes for $10.00 more. Wish they had when I bought. Can I get holes 7.8 and 9 and if so how much?

Hey Jimmy! So great to hear you've had fun playing. Yes we have an add on option for holes 7-9 available on the website. I linked it below:

BucketGolf 7-9 holes add on : https://bucketgolfgame.com/products/bucketgolf-7-9-add-on


This was a very good investment!!! Have had sooo much fun playing Bucket Ball this summer with grandsons and family!!!! Truly worth the memories made!!!