BucketGolf Rules + Tips

1. Every hole in Bucket Golf is a par 3, which means you have 3 shots to hit the bucket to get a par for every hole.

2. Each player is only allowed to use 1 club per game no switching allowed.

3. Hitting any part of the bucket completes the hole.  If you're able to chip your ball inside the bucket, instead of it hitting the outside you subtract one stroke from your score on that hole. (If you hit the flag stick but it never touches the bucket, that does not count).

4. If a player hits their ball into the foliage(bushes, water, plants etc) they must take a drop no closer to the hole from where the ball went out and a 1 stroke penalty.

5. At the end of the course, the player with the lowest score is the winner. 

Course Design Tips

1. The optimal length for a Bucketgolf hole is between 10-30 yards.  Make some holes short for hole-in-1 potential and others longer that are more challenging.

2. Use whatever you have - plants, trees, rocks - as obstructions you must go around or over to keep the course interesting and challenging.

3. Create some risk and reward options on the course where you can risk hitting over hazards to get a low score or play it safe and go around.

​4. Most importantly - be creative and have fun with the design the crazier the better.

Different Game Styles

Stroke Play (2-4 players): Regular golf the lowest score at the end wins. Chipping a ball into a bucket subtracts one stroke for that hole.

Match Play (2 or 4 players): If you win the hole you get 1 point, if you tie a hole nothing happens. Most points at end wins.

- Skins (2-10 players): The lowest score on each hole gets a skin, if there's a tie for the lowest the skin is carried over to the next hole which is now worth 2 skins.

- 5-3-1 (3 players): Each hole is worth 9 points, 1st place gets 5 points, 2nd place gets 3, 3rd place gets 1.  If two players tie a position they split the points from those 2 places. Most points at the end wins.

- Team Alternate shot (4 players): Play 2v2 where you're team has to alternate hitting shots in either stroke or match play format

- Team Best Ball (4 players): Play 2v2 where everyone plays there own ball and the best score for you're team at the end of each hole counts, can be played stroke or match play

- Pig & Wolf (4 players): First person who tee's off gets to choose his partner, but they must choose them before the next player tee's off or they can no longer choose them.  If they choose no one its them against the other 3 players on that hole. Lowest score for each team counts, the order of who tee's off first rotates every hole. Each hole can be worth what ever you choose money, drinks, etc. 

Handicap System

A handicap system allows all players to be equal so everyone from all levels and ages can compete against each other.  Rank players on a 0-9 handicap system, the best players receive a 0 and the highest scoring players would receive a 9.  What ever number your handicap is how many holes get to subtract a stroke from your score. For example if you were a 3 handicap you would receive an subtracted stoke on the 3 hardest holes of your course.